Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WAAAGHHH Wisconsin! My Green Bay Pack-Orcs Blood Bowl Team

Since my last post, many moons ago I have been having more fun than I've ever had with miniatures converting and painting an Orc Blood Bowl team. As I've said before I have become hooked on Blood Bowl, devouring every podcast, forum post, and article on the game that I can find. I've printed and bound a copy of the living rulebook, ordered a pitch on ebay, and have spent every second of my hobby time working on my Green Bay Packer themed Orc team. I even bought the Blood Bowl Xbox game to help me nail down the basics before I get into the GW league (I know this isn't the version to be playing but I'm on a mac computer, and for only $15 I've already gotten more than my money's worth).

I'm not a die-hard sports fan by any means, but having hailed from Wisconsin I'm a huge Packer fan, it comes with the territory. I knew that I wanted to do something bright and sporty for my first blood bowl team as everything that I've painted in the past has been very dark and gritty. I wanted yellow armored Orcs, and after thinking about yellow armor and green skin I couldn't help but make them modeled after my beloved Packers. This way I'd be able to throw in some really characterful references to the franchise while making the connections abstract enough to still make the team a viable fantasy-world sports team.

This is my first Blitzer. The green lines on the helmet and pants need one more coat, but I'm really happy with the colors overall.

If you look closely at his right foot in this shot you can see the cleats that I added to the bottom of his shoe. I had a metric ton of chaos spiky vehicle bits and got the long points by cutting off the very tips of the spikes.

This is my 2nd Blitzer, and favorite model that I've converted thus far. I used thin strips of plasticard across the helmets to make the old school facemasks.

This is my first Lineman, I've made two but with the roster I'm considering now may only need one.

He's a sneaky git, pulling a hidden blade from beneath his shoulder pad for some fouling action. I further represented this by making him number 75 after the Green Bay offensive lineman, Bulaga, who leads the team with his stupid false-start/offsides/holding fouls.

Here's a WIP of my first Black Orc Blocker. I plan to max out on 4 of these boyz as soon as possible.

Evan is currently a little more than half-way through converting his Chaos team and they're looking really great. This Friday will be our first chance to get an actual game in at the Battle Bunker during their specialist games friday.

Until then, I've got to finish painting these, as well as the remaining 8 or so players on my roster, convert a coach (an Orky Vince Lombardi, of course), a few fans, and decide on a team name. The first thing that came to me was Da Greenskin Bashaz, but I also really like Da Cheez 'Eadz. Let me know what you guys think.


  1. oh, these are so well done! I love the character and feel of them.

    Da Cheez 'Eadz!!!!

  2. Thanks Loquacious! All of the background and rules of Blood Bowl really make it easy to find fun conversions to make. I think you're definitely right about the name as well. Thanks for the input!

  3. The old single-bar facemasks are hilarious! That's such a great idea, as well as those spiked cleats. Awesome work all around on these guys, I can't wait to see more. I want to get back into Blood Bowl too but just haven't had the time to work on a team. This is great motivation, thanks!

  4. Thank you, Papa JJ I'm always happy when I can provide motivation. You do have quite a few projects going on at the moment though. Maybe after the dust settles on Adepticon there'll be some Dark Elves left over that you could fashion into a team.