Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blog News!

Real life has taken over! Our blog posts have been somewhat limited over the past few weeks, but with the college semesters coming to a close, here is what we will have for you, starting Dec. 6th.

Monday - Painting/Modeling article on a Commander Dante conversion as well as a Blood Angels overview

Wednesday - General Tactics

Friday - Battle Report from the previous nights 40k game

Also keep an eye out for a Christmas raffle we will be hosting, details will be posted Dec. 1st, the prize will be unique to your 40k projects!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Tanks for the Blood God!

Good afternoon everyone. Last month I showed off a preview of one of my khornate dreadnoughts and today I have some pics of the rest of the Vehicles and monstrous creatures.
My berzerkers ride in style with their World Eaters rhinos:
I wanted my World Eaters to look very grungy and battle worn, so I adopted a simple, yet highly effective color scheme for all of the vehicles. I began with Army Painter's "Dragon Red" spray primer. After seeing the dark effect Jawaballs was able to get from it with his new Blood Angels I had to get my hands on some. Dragon Red is a very deep color, but didn't seem dark or brooding enough for an evil chaos vehicle, so after highlighting the edges with blood red, I used the Citadel Tank Brush to apply a liberal amount of Badab Black wash over the entire vehicle, allowing it to pool in recessed areas and making sure to press pretty hard in order to separate the bristles and get a very streaky effect.

I knew that I wanted my vehicles to stand out and the best way to accomplish that would be freehand icons. This was my first attempt, and in all honesty, I'm not that wild about it. I used a freehand technique that I picked up on the From the Warp blog. This worked phenomenally well, however I ran into problems when I tried to apply the transfer to the uneven surface of the rhino's hatch, and it ended up being fairly uneven. It's not that bad overall though, and I get lots of positive comments at the local gaming store.
This one was much more of a true freehand, and though it's still slightly uneven, it is definitely my favorite rhino.
My favorite pieces of my chaos collection are my defilers. the idea behind them is that the daemon's wrath has grown so powerful that the machine is no longer capable of holding it at bay.
Rhinos are great but when it comes to Khorne Berzerkers, there is really no better way to deliver a brutal assault than a Land Raider. I think that the freehand on the side of the Raider turned out much better than on the Rhino, I'm planning to add one more of these to my final Tournament list for a proper Berzerker Raider rush.

The new Daemon Prince is my favorite model to be released in recent memory. I used the same formula on my vehicles for his armor and wings, while for the skin I employed a 40/60 mix of Codex Grey and Dwarf Flesh, painted right over the Dragon Red spray.

I'll close out today's post with some pics of my objective markers. I've found that adding some themed objective markers to my armies is a nice touch that makes games much more interesting to look at and fun to play for both myself, and my opponents - they're always after me lucky charms!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Games Day 2011

Good morning everyone. 2011 will mark ten years in the 40k hobby for Evan and I, and to forever codify such a monumental occasion, we've decided to take pilgrimage to the Mecca of our hobby: Games Day. We've been planning this trip for a few months now and yesterday I received an email with information about ticket sales for Games day 2011 (which are available Black Friday in case you haven't heard) and I can actually taste the excitement, even if it still feels like it's a million years from now. We live in California, and I've attended a couple Games Days in the past when there were three a year in the United States, but this one should prove to be extra special as we're really planning to make a journey of the whole thing. I hope to see you there. If everything goes according to plan, Evan and I should be easy to spot...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Commander Dante

I hate to make posts of what I will be doing without having any pictures to show for it, however, I just felt like throwing it out there if anyone else is interested. Next week, I will start on a conversion of Commander Dante for my Blood Angels army, as well as post my army list along with some tactics I use (emphasis on some tactics). The conversion will be fairly simple, but I will go through the painting techniques step by step, in hopes that it will inspire others to do more conversion work. I have never gone with the "herd" so to speak, in that I am not a fan of the "cookie cutter" molds and strict by the book ways of doing things (Geez, lets think of some more goofy metaphors I can shove into a single sentence...). I have always been a fan of doing things differently and standing out. This can turn into a problem at times, as I take on projects much too big and become extremely overwhelmed (*cough* Nurgle Project *cough*). Anyways - the point to my rambling: I enjoy converting in anyway big or small, and admire those who go out on a limb to make their minis look different from everyone else's. This Dante conversion, as I said, will be simple yet effective in creating something different from the norm.

The plan:
I plan on using a Sanguinary Guard model as the base, equipped with an Infernus Pistol and the one handed axe that comes with the box set:

I had originally bought an Asteroth model when I started the army, but I don't like how he plays or looks, so I am going to use his wings with the scrolls as Dante's jump pack. I also plan on modeling a skull with the top cut off, filled with blood, and putting that in the hand that holds the Infernus Pistol. Since I can use an arm with an Infernus pistol attatched at the wrist, his hand will be free to do so. Fulff wise, I think the skull can be used as a relic, which will translate the Death Mask special rule. I just don't think the mask itself is frightening enough, as it is modeled from the face of Sanguinious. The skull will be a better fit. After reading Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol", I've become entrigued with Freemason rituals, one of them being the act of drinking wine, which symbolises blood, out of a skull. In the meantime, email me some of your guys' conversions, along with some notes as to how you did them. By next friday, I will pick a few of my favorites (unless, of course, I don't receive many emails) and I will post them up on here.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Have Feedback?

Finally got my laptop fixed - have lots of stuff planned for this blog.

If any of you have had a chance to look over our Terrors of the Warp rules, follower or not, send us an email and let us know what you think! We would love to get some feedback, positive or negative. Suggestions on how we can tweak it to make it better, battle reports, some issues you've run into or stuff you really enjoyed - let us know!

Within the next few weeks, I should be getting the Daemon Prince of Nurgle and Herald as a birthday present. Jake, my girlfriend, our friend Alex and I will be heading to Chicago for Gamesday this next year if everything goes right, and I am hoping to enter the Daemon Prince into the Golden Dameon. Not sure what will happen, my painting skills are above average but not by too much. - Anyways, I plan to document its progress on here, along with some other cool stuff we have planned.

Hope to hear from you guys - Cheers

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Deathwatch Kill Team Project

I've been taking a lot of inspiration from video games lately when it comes to my hobbying. I guess you could say that I play a lot more video games than I should, and with all the awesome shooters being released right now who could blame me? Alright, I'm not even that cool... I have logged a considerable amount of hours on Sims 3 this month as well. But I spent a few days at the end of October playing through the Halo: Reach campaign; which is where I began to develop the concept for my Deathwatch Killteam for games of Killzone. The characters in Reach aren't particularly fleshed out or well-rounded, but they are bad ass, best of the best soldiers for their particular roles, which was something that I really wanted to capture with my Deathwatch Kill team.

Wanting to make my killteam more 40k-centric, I started with an apothecary. This was the only model that I had in mind prior to playing Halo: Reach, and is the only one that I've finished as the project stands right now.
My favorite character in Reach was Jun, the sniper. I knew that I wanted a character within my killteam that was exactly like Jun, and after some leg repositioning, and minor green stuff work I ended up with this:
That's not a ghost, it's a WIP shot of my Deathwatch marine, but this blurry, pixelated piece of shit picture is the best I can muster at this point sans lightbox and awesome professional camera that are both at Evan's house. I'll make sure to get a decent shot of him once he's painted, but at this point I wanted to show a comparison between the mini and a shot of the character from Reach.
Because the killteam is so small I didn't want a bunch of static marines standing around in their usual battle stance. Instead, I wanted them to be in life-like poses that captured the characterization of the particular model and their role in the unit. For the marksman I payed close attention to this picture, using the kneeling legs from the Space Marine command squad, and having him rest his trigger arm on his right knee. I also however, wanted diversity throughout the squad and as the apothecary was already kneeling to aid his fallen comrade, I used the straight leg, also from the command sprue, so that he would be standing.

I've found Video Games and movies to be an awesome source of inspiration for modeling throughout my 40k career. Earlier tonight I finished the Call of Duty: Black Ops campaign and have been kicking myself for selling my Imperial Guard codex on Ebay earlier this year. It's stuff like this:

That makes me want to run out and buy all the goofy Catachan models that look more like this.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Crashed Laptop...

Sorry for the lack of posts on my part, my laptop recently crashed (or something along those lines, can't get to my desktop) so I have to figure out how I'm going to pay to get that fixed. Until then my posts will be fairly limited - however, I will still be working with Jake to get more stuff out on here.

As for the new scenario - I hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do. Feel free to send either of us emails with proposed changes or any problems you run into that need clarifying. It started out as a pretty sloppy, half-assed idea that I came up with at 4 or 5 in the morning when I couldn't sleep. Then with lots of help from Jake, it turned into a pretty well rounded and fun to play game. Hopefully we can continue to put out scenarios along with the progress of our other projects, seems like I never sleep, so I end up jotting down a lot of ideas. Its just a matter of time to get that idea to a fully functioning game that runs smoothly and fits with different fluff.


Monday, November 1, 2010

They're Here: Terrors of the Warp Killzone Scenario Release

Angelus as a zombie

Hello everyone. As promised I have the Terrors of the Warp Killzone scenario for you tonight. I apologize for not getting this up over the weekend but I found myself consumed by the zombie marathon on AMC leading up to the awesome premiere of The Walking Dead. In that undead spirit I give you Terrors of the Warp. We've had a great time putting this together and I hope everyone has as much fun playing it as we have. Enjoy!