Thursday, October 28, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Good afternoon everyone. Last week these awesome zombies from Mantic Games showed up in my mailbox and I've spent the last couple of days getting these painted up for something very special that Angelus and I have been working on for Halloween.

As promised in one of what turned out to be our many introductory posts, this will be our first home made scenario for your games of 40k: Terrors of the Warp. ToW will pit your kill team against the countless gibbering hordes of tortured souls of the undead that wander the warp in search of warm flesh, and daemons that seek hosts to satisfy their seething bloodlust.

This ain't your daddy's zombie kill!

We're not the first to come up with the idea of marines vs. zombies in the 41st millenium, but we wanted to make this a fast, fun scenario that is as awesome as it is playable, so we looked to the new Killzone rules that have been created and released by BigJim on his blog, Galaxy in Flames.

With these fantastic kill team rules we set out to create a scenario that felt like a one off arcade experience, drawing inspiration from games like Call of Duty WaW's Nazi Zombies, and the Infection scenarios on Halo.

Tonight we plan to be finishing up with playtesting and putting the final touches onto the game. Check back this weekend for a release of the rules and a battle report.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Rest..

Here are those pics that I couldn't post yesterday:

My Turn

Hey guys, Angelus and I have been hard at work getting some pictures ready for the blog, you've already seen some of the fruits of our (well, Angelus') labors in his posts profiling his new Angels Sanguine army and I received an email last night with the edited pictures of mine.I'll start off with some work in progress shots of my current project, Chaos Space Wolves. This idea really came into fruition while I was working on painting up a Space Wolves army for a friend, reading through his codex, and getting beaten on by his puppies on a regular basis. My first army was Space Wolves, so I also relished the nostalgia of putting some wolves together, but with all the dogs out there right now I wanted to do something with a bit of a twist, which is where my love of the ruinous powers and some inspiration from Black Matt's awesome Black Legion Blog came in. The list I'm working from is a modified version of the 11th Company 40k podcast footslogging space wolves list.

Nothing fancy here, just a basic kit bashing of the space wolves and chaos terminator sprues. The pieces fit together quite nicely though, and I feel like you can't even tell that they aren't part of the same set.
This is one of my cyclone missile launchers that I converted from the chaos rhino havoc launcher and some small chain that I picked up at Michael's craft store.

And finally, here's a group shot of what I've done thus far.

I hope you enjoy these! Angelus also sent me some pictures of my Khorne themed chaos army that I plan to do a profile on in the near future. Here's a little teaser.

Thanks for reading guys. We've got a lot more material coming!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More pics to come...

There were a few more pictures I had inteded to upload, and I know that Daemonetteboobs wanted to upload his Khorne and WIP Chaos Wolves, but we will have to hold off until tomorrow due to site maintenance.


WIP Angels Sanguine

So here are some of the pics from my Angels Sanguine army, which is still a work in progress. I got so used to painting Nurgle for 3 years (dry brushing, some streaking, some rough highlights, more dry brushing, a wash or two, and BAM! done) - so painting reds and highlighting blacks is taking some getting used. So far I think they look pretty good though, definitely tabletop worthy.

I used Sanguinary Guard models as my Sergeants and Sanguinary Priests. Only have one Priest painted so far though, and it still needs to be based. As for the Assault Marines - just a kit bash of SM Assault Marines and Death Company. Found it cheaper to buy 2 of each box rather than 4 Death Co boxes.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Getting things rolling...

So as we begin to get some pictures loaded and the overall layout configured, here are some things we plan to introduce and discuss in this blog. Consider this a statement regarding "what we're about".

We are currently both working on new armies (Wolves of Chaos and Angels Sanguine) so those will be taking up the majority of the first posts. Along with these posts will be some homebrewn fluff to go along with our armies, some stuff we plan on doing next, and the painting style. After we finish up these, we hope to begin work on some pretty big conversion projects. We will also give periodic battle reports, opinions on new releases and events, proposed rules, made up scenarios, and everything else 40k!

Here is a real basic (and small) list of some things we have planned for the future:

- Renegade Chapter conversion, led by Fabius Bile himself and made up of mutated experiments. The army will also incorporate the Dark Mechanicus, who mix their expertise in mechanical augmentation with Bile's genetic experimentation.

- A Word Bearers army, converted from the rumoured new Daemon Hunters minitatures. (As a side note, this is not going to be a Daemon Hunters army gone renegade, as that is physically impossible; this will simply be a conversion army of Word Bearers using the supposed new Daemon Hunters minis.)

- "Capture the Flag" made up homebrewn scenario and rules

- The making of a new Chapter: The Angelus Censura or Angels of Judgement. This will be a long project in the making as the fluff needs to really fit in with everything else. There is a rough outline I've got made up so far, but it needs a lottttt of cleaning up.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Name Game

As a community college student I dread the first day of a new semester, not because of the impending workload that I'm about to be laden with, which will undoubtedly interrupt my hobby time (frustrating as that may be), but because of the idiotic "get-to-know-your-neighbor" name games that we'll inevitably play to alleviate first day jitters, remind us how "cool" high school was, and just generally insult our intelligence. Needless to say, that's exactly what this post is all about. I'll try to keep this short.

My name is Jake, but on the netz I go by the handle, Daemonetteboobs, I'm accompanied by my friend Evan, or Angelus Censura as he'll more commonly be referred to. This is our wargaming blog. We'll be focusing primarily on our endeavors in the 41st millennium, covering modeling, painting, and gaming.

Thanks for reading!!!!