Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Ordo Immortalis

Here is the Colour Scheme (its sort of rough) for my new Chapter, the armour will look more like actual Marble when I paint them, but for the generator I just used the colour shown. Let me know what you think. Also changed the Founding Chapter from "Unkown" to a Blood Angels successor (for purposes of army composition, and this way I won't have to buy Codex: Space Marines :P)

If you check the link below to Heresy where the original post is on this new Chapter, I will be occasionally updating the fluff as I do more research - the latest update is from an hour or so ago. If you aren't already a member of Heresy, I would highly suggest becoming one, it has helped me out with ideas on modelling and fluff on more than one occasion.



  1. The color scheme looks good for sure but the marbled power armour will be really impressive. That sounds like it could be challenging to paint as well, I hope it goes well for you. With the fluff you're working on it seems to me you have a very solid foundation for your new chapter. The lack of a chapter master is an interesting twist with the leadership by council idea. Great work so far!

  2. Nice paint scheme!
    I will be looking forward to see that marble painted! =D

    Sounds quite good now ;D

  3. Thanks! Though I can't take too much credit for the Marbled idea, as I first saw it done with some minis on Dakkadakka. The guy who painted those also did some amazing free hand murals on the sides of his tanks, done as spins off of famous Da Vinci paintings. I'll post those up as well, their fantastic.

    Thanks for the comments! I look forward to this project, should be a lot of fun to do!