Sunday, January 16, 2011

New BA Furioso Dread - Sneak Peak

So I won't start the modelling of this new Space Marine chapter until mid April, as I have told myself I can't do any more projects until :

1. I finish painting my BA army

2. I finish building and painting my Nurgle army

3. The new BA and DH stuff comes out

But until then, I will be posting progress on my Deathguard army every few days, as well as the paint scheme and army list. But before that, here is a sneak peak at the new Blood Angels Furioso/Librarian dread sprue, you guys may have seen it, I got it off Heresy. Just figured I would post it anyway, as the Librarian dreads are in my army list for the Ordo Immortalis.



  1. Best wishes to you on sticking to the plan for your army projects, that's always a challenge for me. It seems GW likes to keep me from ever finishing anything by putting out so many cool new kits all the time.

  2. Exactly, and the worst possible thing you can do is go to a GW store to pick something up, then start wandering around and find all the sweet other stuff you could be doing. Then the next thing you know, you've got 3 projects going at once with plans for a 4th, and the original still unfinished lol.