Saturday, February 19, 2011


I realize our posts may be sporadic and random, and sometimes far between, so I thought of something cool that may be less of the typical "check out the cool stuff I did" and more helpful to anyone that routinely checks out the blog. Every Tuesday, I will do my absolute best to post a painting tutorial. It may not necessarily be something I made, but I will most definitely give credit where it is due, and I won't simply visit other blogs and steal their ideas. Instead, I will be cruising random forumns, and finding tutorials that most catch my eye, as well as creating tutorials that follow the projects I am doing if I think they would be beneficial. Feel free to send me an email if there is a specific tutorial you would like but can't seem to find (as long as it is painting related). I can then either try searching for it myself, find someone to make one, or make it myself! Hopefully this will lead to more days set for specific ideas in the future, and an overall more structured and reliable blog.
Also, tomorrow Jake and I will be involved in a tournament at a local game store. The point cap is 1850, he with his Khorne and me with my Blood Angels. I'm not sure what he is taking in his army, but my list is as follows:


Two Sanguinary Priests with jump packs and melta bombs (attatched to assault squads)

10x Assault Marines - 2 meltas, sergeant with power fist and infernus pistol
10x Assault Marines - 2 flamers, sergeant with power fist and infernus pistol
5x Death Company - 2 power weapons, infernus pistol, power fist
5x Sanguinary Guard - power fist, 2 infernus pistols, chapter banner
5x Scouts - sniper rifles, missile launcher, camo cloaks

Fast Attack:
2 Baal Predators - heavy bolters and autocannons

1st place - 90$ store credit
2nd place - 60$ store credit
3rd place - 30$ store credit

Not sure of my strategy yet, but I will be sure to give you guys a run down tomorrow night. This list got some pretty negative feedback on some forumns, people saying to take a librarian vs Dante, honor guard vs Sanguinary Guard, blah blah blah. Sometimes you have to go with what you like model wise and rules wise, and not what the latest cookie cutter list is. We'll see if I am proven right or miserably wrong tomorrow :P

Let me know what you guys think about the tutorials idea, and definitely shoot me an email if you have a tutorial request, or even one to contribute. Sorry for the wall of text and no pictures...this should make up for it

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Nurgle!!

Over the past few weeks I have been involved in a few different projects, such as a new Blood Bowl team, and trying to finish painting my Angels Sanguine. Thought I would post up my progress on the thrid project, my Nurgle dedicated army, the Deathshroud. You can find the fluff behind the army here. Enjoy!


Monday, February 14, 2011

The Cunning Plan

Hello everyone! It has been almost a month since my last report and I am very happy to be back with some new material. I have spent the majority of the last couple of weeks recuperating from a very bad chest infection, which caused me to miss some serious class time right at the beginning of a new semester and I have been playing catch up ever since. This has left little hobby time. I haven't set paint to brush in almost three weeks, but fortunately, I have found the time to play my first two Blood Bowl league games at the LA Battle Bunker.

My first game I played a Dwarf team. It was a bitter slug fest with both teams bashing almost every model on every turn with very little consequence. I was able to halt his cage and steal the ball for a late touchdown in the first half. As the game progressed into the second half it was my game to lose and I set up a pretty tough cage with a few blitzers and black orcs and the game collapsed into a scrum along the left wide zone. My nerves eventually got the better of me, and I made the mistake of launching my ball carrier from the cage before the opportune moment, allowing my opponent to make a quick tackle and a very, very lucky bomb down-field to equalize. The game ended in a 1-1 stalemate. I had caused one casualty and my opponent had done zero.

The next game was against Evan's chaos team. I was unbelievably lucky the first half, breaking armor on 3/4 of my blocks every turn and was able to briskly put two points on the board and a handful of beastmen on the bench. Evan returned fire in the second half, employing a risky new onside kick-type strategy and was able to bring in one touchdown while down 3 players due to casualties!
Here's how the team looks after my first two games.

I am loving the league play so far but unfortunately, there isn't as large of a blood bowl community at the LA bunker as I had hoped. There are 6 or 7 people signed up for the league but thus far I've only actually met one other coach aside from Evan and myself. Some of the guys can't make it in on certain nights, and it has proven difficult to make contact with the other coaches because I have to have GW staff pass messages until I can actually meet them as GW can't give out their information.

This is where the cunning plan comes in. There is a fantastic local store called The Realm that carries GW product pretty close to where I live, and I have resolved to bring Blood Bowl to its tables. Not being able to hobby in the past few weeks, I have spent some time putting together a Blood Bowl collection. Through Ebay I have been able to procure one full starter box with all the gubbinz needed to play, including a Human team and another Orc team. Also, I purchased another Pitch. Evan has decided chaos doesn't really fit the play style he wanted from a BB team, and is looking into starting fresh. I offered to adopt the team and so now have 4 fully functional Blood Bowl teams, a set of templates, two sets of blocking dice, and 2 pitches.

My plan involves obtaining at least one more pitch and another set of blocking dice so that I can begin getting more people in the community involved in Blood Bowl. In the next couple of weeks I plan to frequent the open gaming night at The Realm, playing as much Blood Bowl there as possible, while also purchasing a couple more teams. I have quite a lot of painting to do now as all the teams except for my Cheez 'Eadz are unpainted. 'Ere We GO!