Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blood Bowl Update

I've had an exciting afternoon watching the Packers defeat our rivals to clinch the NFC championship and head into the Superbowl!!! With all the excitement it seemed like the perfect time to post some more pictures of my Blood Bowl team, Da Cheez 'Eads.

Here's the thrower, I'll bet you can guess which number he is...

Yep, he wears Bart Starr's #15. Green Bay has had some phenomenal quarterbacks throughout their history but it was no contest when it came time to identify dis ere boy!
Here's the finished BoB that I showed last time. Although, while uploading these pics I realized that I haven't painted either of my Black Orc's eyes.

Continuing with the historic Green Bay theme I numbered this massive Black Orc after real-life behemoth Ray Nitschke, a fitting tribute if you ask me.

A 2nd Lineorc

A fan that I plan to use as a score counter.


  1. LOL! I didn't realize what that last miniature was until I clicked on it. Hahahaha! I thought making the Black Orc #66 was funny, too. Very well done on all of them!

    Definitely a good day to be a Packer fan, enjoy the Super Bowl!!

  2. Thanks Papa! That grot was a lot of fun to make. I can't wait for the Super Bowl!