Friday, January 7, 2011

DIY Space Marine Chapter - Still a WIP

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. Between New Years, Jake getting sick, and my car accident, we have been pretty distracted from the blog. I thought I would throw this up rather than keep it hidden in a notebook; does no good if no one can comment/critique/give their opinion. After finishing my Blood Angels army (aside from painting) I have decided to add another project to the list of things I need to get done. There have always been a select few SM Chapters that have had aspects which really caught my attention - The Iron Hands and their huge Mechanicum influence, the Ordo Psykana and their heavy use of psykers and Librarians, and the Deathwatch and their elite tactics, choice of members, and recruiting process.

Over the past few days I have been attempting to combine this all into one kick ass Chapter that would be fun to play, have some cool background fluff, and of course the potential for some cool conversions.

Here is what I have so far - but keep in mind, it is still a very rough work in progress, and missing a lot of specifics. However, this should give you a basic idea - opinions and critiques are most definitely welcome, as well as some proposed additions or ideas! You can also find it here.

Name: Ordo Immortalis
Colours: Marbeled armour with gold trim
Founding Chapter: Unknown
Founding: Unkown
Chapter Master: The Chapter is run like a clan with no known Chapter Master, but rather a council in which all the decisions are voted on and discussed
Specialty: Quick, precise attacks with an uncanny knowledge of enemy strengths, locations, and inner workings
Strength: Estimated at 750 strong, though the precise strength is unknown
Homeworld: No known homeworld, though there have been whispers of a Fortress Monastary located on a world just outside the Eye of terror, and prtected by an incredibly resilient psychic field. It is said that located within the monastary is an immense library, full of ancient knowledge, lost relics, and advanced experimental technology.

I can't copy+paste for some reason, so rather than type out the background, here is the basic overview:

The organization of the Chapter consists of a great number of psykers and librarians recruited in a fashion similar to the Deathwatch. The Chapter works closely with a mysterious group of Mechanicum. It has also been recorded that the Chapter has worked alongside the Inquisition in the past, though the current relationship between the two forces is unknown. The Ordos Immortalis have taken on the duty of recovering all manner of lost or stolen relics, artifacts, technology and knowledge, and prefer to remain shrouded in mystery.

For modeling purposes: So far, I know for sure I will be using dark angel robed heads on every Marine. Other than that, I am still thinking of other ways to make them identifiable, similar to the Deathwatch shoulder pad. The army may use the CSM codex, troops choices being Thousand Sons (for the psyker squad leaders) but that is still up in the air. The HQ will be a Librarian, but for the purposes of my army, a Father Librarian and then a Master of the Forge (or, with CSM, a chaos lord in termi armour with a daemon weapon).

That's what I've got so far, like I said, a lot more work to be done.


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