Monday, November 22, 2010

Tanks for the Blood God!

Good afternoon everyone. Last month I showed off a preview of one of my khornate dreadnoughts and today I have some pics of the rest of the Vehicles and monstrous creatures.
My berzerkers ride in style with their World Eaters rhinos:
I wanted my World Eaters to look very grungy and battle worn, so I adopted a simple, yet highly effective color scheme for all of the vehicles. I began with Army Painter's "Dragon Red" spray primer. After seeing the dark effect Jawaballs was able to get from it with his new Blood Angels I had to get my hands on some. Dragon Red is a very deep color, but didn't seem dark or brooding enough for an evil chaos vehicle, so after highlighting the edges with blood red, I used the Citadel Tank Brush to apply a liberal amount of Badab Black wash over the entire vehicle, allowing it to pool in recessed areas and making sure to press pretty hard in order to separate the bristles and get a very streaky effect.

I knew that I wanted my vehicles to stand out and the best way to accomplish that would be freehand icons. This was my first attempt, and in all honesty, I'm not that wild about it. I used a freehand technique that I picked up on the From the Warp blog. This worked phenomenally well, however I ran into problems when I tried to apply the transfer to the uneven surface of the rhino's hatch, and it ended up being fairly uneven. It's not that bad overall though, and I get lots of positive comments at the local gaming store.
This one was much more of a true freehand, and though it's still slightly uneven, it is definitely my favorite rhino.
My favorite pieces of my chaos collection are my defilers. the idea behind them is that the daemon's wrath has grown so powerful that the machine is no longer capable of holding it at bay.
Rhinos are great but when it comes to Khorne Berzerkers, there is really no better way to deliver a brutal assault than a Land Raider. I think that the freehand on the side of the Raider turned out much better than on the Rhino, I'm planning to add one more of these to my final Tournament list for a proper Berzerker Raider rush.

The new Daemon Prince is my favorite model to be released in recent memory. I used the same formula on my vehicles for his armor and wings, while for the skin I employed a 40/60 mix of Codex Grey and Dwarf Flesh, painted right over the Dragon Red spray.

I'll close out today's post with some pics of my objective markers. I've found that adding some themed objective markers to my armies is a nice touch that makes games much more interesting to look at and fun to play for both myself, and my opponents - they're always after me lucky charms!


  1. I really like the grungy vehicles, they seem quite fitting for these guys. Very cool freehand symbols too. My favorite of these are the objective markers, they look awesome!

  2. That Demon rocks, I remember that day you bought it. Where are the wolves?!