Sunday, November 14, 2010

Have Feedback?

Finally got my laptop fixed - have lots of stuff planned for this blog.

If any of you have had a chance to look over our Terrors of the Warp rules, follower or not, send us an email and let us know what you think! We would love to get some feedback, positive or negative. Suggestions on how we can tweak it to make it better, battle reports, some issues you've run into or stuff you really enjoyed - let us know!

Within the next few weeks, I should be getting the Daemon Prince of Nurgle and Herald as a birthday present. Jake, my girlfriend, our friend Alex and I will be heading to Chicago for Gamesday this next year if everything goes right, and I am hoping to enter the Daemon Prince into the Golden Dameon. Not sure what will happen, my painting skills are above average but not by too much. - Anyways, I plan to document its progress on here, along with some other cool stuff we have planned.

Hope to hear from you guys - Cheers

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