Thursday, November 11, 2010

Deathwatch Kill Team Project

I've been taking a lot of inspiration from video games lately when it comes to my hobbying. I guess you could say that I play a lot more video games than I should, and with all the awesome shooters being released right now who could blame me? Alright, I'm not even that cool... I have logged a considerable amount of hours on Sims 3 this month as well. But I spent a few days at the end of October playing through the Halo: Reach campaign; which is where I began to develop the concept for my Deathwatch Killteam for games of Killzone. The characters in Reach aren't particularly fleshed out or well-rounded, but they are bad ass, best of the best soldiers for their particular roles, which was something that I really wanted to capture with my Deathwatch Kill team.

Wanting to make my killteam more 40k-centric, I started with an apothecary. This was the only model that I had in mind prior to playing Halo: Reach, and is the only one that I've finished as the project stands right now.
My favorite character in Reach was Jun, the sniper. I knew that I wanted a character within my killteam that was exactly like Jun, and after some leg repositioning, and minor green stuff work I ended up with this:
That's not a ghost, it's a WIP shot of my Deathwatch marine, but this blurry, pixelated piece of shit picture is the best I can muster at this point sans lightbox and awesome professional camera that are both at Evan's house. I'll make sure to get a decent shot of him once he's painted, but at this point I wanted to show a comparison between the mini and a shot of the character from Reach.
Because the killteam is so small I didn't want a bunch of static marines standing around in their usual battle stance. Instead, I wanted them to be in life-like poses that captured the characterization of the particular model and their role in the unit. For the marksman I payed close attention to this picture, using the kneeling legs from the Space Marine command squad, and having him rest his trigger arm on his right knee. I also however, wanted diversity throughout the squad and as the apothecary was already kneeling to aid his fallen comrade, I used the straight leg, also from the command sprue, so that he would be standing.

I've found Video Games and movies to be an awesome source of inspiration for modeling throughout my 40k career. Earlier tonight I finished the Call of Duty: Black Ops campaign and have been kicking myself for selling my Imperial Guard codex on Ebay earlier this year. It's stuff like this:

That makes me want to run out and buy all the goofy Catachan models that look more like this.


  1. Yeah, I played Army of Two just recently, and have nearly had to resort to shock aversion therapy to keep from buying catachans and putting necron heads on them.

    Video games are definitely my best source of inspiration for my tabletop gaming. It's as it should be.

  2. Army of Two was an awesome game! I say embrace the catachans. Awesome converted army > Money.