Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Commander Dante

I hate to make posts of what I will be doing without having any pictures to show for it, however, I just felt like throwing it out there if anyone else is interested. Next week, I will start on a conversion of Commander Dante for my Blood Angels army, as well as post my army list along with some tactics I use (emphasis on some tactics). The conversion will be fairly simple, but I will go through the painting techniques step by step, in hopes that it will inspire others to do more conversion work. I have never gone with the "herd" so to speak, in that I am not a fan of the "cookie cutter" molds and strict by the book ways of doing things (Geez, lets think of some more goofy metaphors I can shove into a single sentence...). I have always been a fan of doing things differently and standing out. This can turn into a problem at times, as I take on projects much too big and become extremely overwhelmed (*cough* Nurgle Project *cough*). Anyways - the point to my rambling: I enjoy converting in anyway big or small, and admire those who go out on a limb to make their minis look different from everyone else's. This Dante conversion, as I said, will be simple yet effective in creating something different from the norm.

The plan:
I plan on using a Sanguinary Guard model as the base, equipped with an Infernus Pistol and the one handed axe that comes with the box set:

I had originally bought an Asteroth model when I started the army, but I don't like how he plays or looks, so I am going to use his wings with the scrolls as Dante's jump pack. I also plan on modeling a skull with the top cut off, filled with blood, and putting that in the hand that holds the Infernus Pistol. Since I can use an arm with an Infernus pistol attatched at the wrist, his hand will be free to do so. Fulff wise, I think the skull can be used as a relic, which will translate the Death Mask special rule. I just don't think the mask itself is frightening enough, as it is modeled from the face of Sanguinious. The skull will be a better fit. After reading Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol", I've become entrigued with Freemason rituals, one of them being the act of drinking wine, which symbolises blood, out of a skull. In the meantime, email me some of your guys' conversions, along with some notes as to how you did them. By next friday, I will pick a few of my favorites (unless, of course, I don't receive many emails) and I will post them up on here.


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