Thursday, October 28, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Good afternoon everyone. Last week these awesome zombies from Mantic Games showed up in my mailbox and I've spent the last couple of days getting these painted up for something very special that Angelus and I have been working on for Halloween.

As promised in one of what turned out to be our many introductory posts, this will be our first home made scenario for your games of 40k: Terrors of the Warp. ToW will pit your kill team against the countless gibbering hordes of tortured souls of the undead that wander the warp in search of warm flesh, and daemons that seek hosts to satisfy their seething bloodlust.

This ain't your daddy's zombie kill!

We're not the first to come up with the idea of marines vs. zombies in the 41st millenium, but we wanted to make this a fast, fun scenario that is as awesome as it is playable, so we looked to the new Killzone rules that have been created and released by BigJim on his blog, Galaxy in Flames.

With these fantastic kill team rules we set out to create a scenario that felt like a one off arcade experience, drawing inspiration from games like Call of Duty WaW's Nazi Zombies, and the Infection scenarios on Halo.

Tonight we plan to be finishing up with playtesting and putting the final touches onto the game. Check back this weekend for a release of the rules and a battle report.



  1. I look forward to hearing how the Killzone game went, sounds like it could be a really cool scenario. I just finished working on a small batch of zombies but sense I might be building more soon.

  2. Awesome man! Thanks for checking us out. Your zombies are looking great by the way. I wanted to have this up by Halloween but of course real life (and the walking dead premiere on amc) interfered, but we should have it live by this afternoon.