Saturday, October 16, 2010

Getting things rolling...

So as we begin to get some pictures loaded and the overall layout configured, here are some things we plan to introduce and discuss in this blog. Consider this a statement regarding "what we're about".

We are currently both working on new armies (Wolves of Chaos and Angels Sanguine) so those will be taking up the majority of the first posts. Along with these posts will be some homebrewn fluff to go along with our armies, some stuff we plan on doing next, and the painting style. After we finish up these, we hope to begin work on some pretty big conversion projects. We will also give periodic battle reports, opinions on new releases and events, proposed rules, made up scenarios, and everything else 40k!

Here is a real basic (and small) list of some things we have planned for the future:

- Renegade Chapter conversion, led by Fabius Bile himself and made up of mutated experiments. The army will also incorporate the Dark Mechanicus, who mix their expertise in mechanical augmentation with Bile's genetic experimentation.

- A Word Bearers army, converted from the rumoured new Daemon Hunters minitatures. (As a side note, this is not going to be a Daemon Hunters army gone renegade, as that is physically impossible; this will simply be a conversion army of Word Bearers using the supposed new Daemon Hunters minis.)

- "Capture the Flag" made up homebrewn scenario and rules

- The making of a new Chapter: The Angelus Censura or Angels of Judgement. This will be a long project in the making as the fluff needs to really fit in with everything else. There is a rough outline I've got made up so far, but it needs a lottttt of cleaning up.


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