Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Turn

Hey guys, Angelus and I have been hard at work getting some pictures ready for the blog, you've already seen some of the fruits of our (well, Angelus') labors in his posts profiling his new Angels Sanguine army and I received an email last night with the edited pictures of mine.I'll start off with some work in progress shots of my current project, Chaos Space Wolves. This idea really came into fruition while I was working on painting up a Space Wolves army for a friend, reading through his codex, and getting beaten on by his puppies on a regular basis. My first army was Space Wolves, so I also relished the nostalgia of putting some wolves together, but with all the dogs out there right now I wanted to do something with a bit of a twist, which is where my love of the ruinous powers and some inspiration from Black Matt's awesome Black Legion Blog came in. The list I'm working from is a modified version of the 11th Company 40k podcast footslogging space wolves list.

Nothing fancy here, just a basic kit bashing of the space wolves and chaos terminator sprues. The pieces fit together quite nicely though, and I feel like you can't even tell that they aren't part of the same set.
This is one of my cyclone missile launchers that I converted from the chaos rhino havoc launcher and some small chain that I picked up at Michael's craft store.

And finally, here's a group shot of what I've done thus far.

I hope you enjoy these! Angelus also sent me some pictures of my Khorne themed chaos army that I plan to do a profile on in the near future. Here's a little teaser.

Thanks for reading guys. We've got a lot more material coming!

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