Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Giveaway!

As promised, here are the details for our Holiday Giveaway! In order to enter, you must either be an existing follower, or become one. After becoming a follower, send an email to either or letting us know what project or army you are currently working on.

Each email should contain "New Entry - [your name as a follower]" as the subject, and your project in the body.

The raffle will be held on December 15th by random drawing from a hat, and the winner will receive a troops box unique to that individual's current army project, just in time for the holidays! We will announce the winner on the 16th of December, as well as send email notification. If all goes well, we plan on doing similiar contest and giving out free stuff more often, hopefully getting bigger and better prizes as the blog progresses.

The only rules: Entry must be 40k, and only one entry per person

Good luck, and happy holidays!


1 comment:

  1. Great idea for a contest, and so generous too... I just sent in my entry. :) It's going to be difficult to get any painting done over the next two weeks as I plan on keeping my fingers crossed until after the drawing. Best wishes!