Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Finally! My Forge World Nurgle Daemon Prince and Herald came in the mail today, and after spending an extensive amount of time trying to get everything how I liked it, I finally got everything built. I forgot how tough the Forgeworld stuff is to build sometimes, it seems a lot of it doesn't properly fit together, but the detail makes up for any problems! Now it is just a matter of finding a few good zombie painting tutorials and doing a little research on what I would like the skintone to look like - I will definitely post updates as I go. I have to admit, I am pretty nervous; after spending so much money on the mini, it has to be perfect (and it doesn't help that I am extremely self critical).

Anyways, here are some extremely pixilated pictures I took with my $10 phone.

And of course I accept the Chaos challenge, and will be doing some pretty heavily converted Death Guard stuff. Death guard has always been my thing, and was what I was primarily known for at the local hobby store until I got fed up and overwhelmed and sold everything. Now, I am hoping my second attempt will be even more crazy than the first, with cooler, cleaner conversions as well as a semi competative list.
Here is the rough list so far - it obviously needs tweaking, some play time, and some buffing up, but it will give a basic idea. Going for the Havoc Launcher spam this time around:

HQ: Daemon Prince
Troops: 7 Plague Marines, X2 Meltas, Plague Champion with Power Fist and Bolter
-Rhino, Daemonic Posession, Havoc Launcher
Troops: 7 Plague Marines, X2 Flamers, Plague Champ with Power Fist and Bolter
-Rhino, Daemonic Posession, Havoc Launcher
Then quite possibly a Vindicator..or 3 :)


(The 'Not So Drawing' for the Holiday Giveaway is tomorrow, seeing as no one else entered, it looks like Papa JJ will be the winner! Thanks for being such a loyal follower! However, there is still time for others to enter, don't see why anyone would pass up on free stuff)

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